About XGD
Team Introduction
  • Yao Jun
    male, born in 1978, Chinese nationality.
    Master degree, intermediate human resource manager title, member of Shenzhen human resource development and Research Association, and now deputy general manager of the company.
  • Jiang Yong
    male, born in 1971, Chinese nationality.
    He has a bachelor's degree and is currently the deputy general manager of the company, the chairman of Creditful Data Service Inc. and the chairman of Hunan Yibang Communication Co., Ltd.
  • Guo Qiaoyi
    male, born in 1988, Chinese nationality.
    Master of Texas State University Dallas, Bachelor of management, Southwest University of Finance and economics. At present, he is the chief financial officer and Secretary of the board of directors of the company, responsible for the relevant work of the planning and finance center and the Secretariat of the board of directors.
  • Liu Ya
    male, born in 1969, Chinese nationality.
    He is currently the assistant president of the company, in charge of the group's supply chain management committee and administrative center.
  • Tong Weidong
    male, born in 1967, Chinese nationality.
    Master's degree and engineer. Now he is the Secretary General of the investment decision-making committee of the company and is responsible for the daily management of the investment decision-making committee.
  • Zhao Hui
    male, born in 1969, Chinese nationality.
    Bachelor degree, now the group's assistant president, responsible for the relevant work of the group's audit and supervision department.