Mobile Payment Terminal

XGD has formed a product service system based on electronic payment technology and centered on the design and R & D of software and hardware of financial payment terminal, and has accumulated profound technical experience in commercial password and security. It has become the first company in China to pass PCI pin3.0 certification, and can be a card organization Commercial banks, third-party service institutions and other customers provide industry-leading, safe, stable, convenient and efficient mobile payment terminals.

Mobile Payment Platform

JL pay, a subsidiary of XGD, is a third-party payment institution approved and granted the payment business license by the people's Bank of China. It has accumulated tens of millions of merchants and an annual transaction volume of more than trillion. Supported by acquiring services and deeply enabled by "payment + technology", the company has created a two wheel driven and mutually promoting growth model of value-added services and acquiring services, formed a mobile payment platform with rich product system, provided safe, convenient and intelligent digital payment solutions for global merchants and banks, and helped to realize payment upgrading.

Digital Currency Technical Services
Based on the window of reform and opening up, xinguodu embraces the digital currency reform of the central bank, closely follows the trend of digital economy, takes payment capacity as the core, integrates group resources, and establishes a digital currency Research Institute, which is committed to becoming a global leader in the implementation of digital currency. At present, the independently developed hardware wallet and the acceptance terminal supporting digital currency payment have been put into use in the market
Artificial Intelligence

Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd. intelligence under xinguodu has a number of biometric technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition. It is a key supplier of resident ID card fingerprint collection equipment of the Ministry of public security and can provide identification technology solutions for b-end customers. Based on artificial intelligence, the subsidiary xinguodu intelligence has developed object recognition technologies such as image recognition, text recognition and behavior recognition with independent intellectual property rights, and created a creative 5g short video application.

BPO Services

XGD subsidiary, Creditful Data Service Inc., has continuously expanded the Internet plus solution to escort the O2O environment of mobile Internet. Now it has become a supplier of third party certification audit services for many large Internet companies. In addition to providing authentication services for B2C platform and network access audit for POS third-party acquiring platform, the company actively develops Internet marketing business, commercial debt management business, software development and after-sales business.

XGD is deeply engaged in blockchain technology to build a world leading multi-party trusted data exchange platform. The platform has the advantages of decentralization, consensus mechanism, smart contract and privacy protection. It adopts stealth encryption, which can check the complete authorization transfer chain, support data traceability, and realize the construction of "data trust system"
Intelligent Driving

XGD intelligent, a subsidiary of Xinguodu group, is committed to providing mass-produced intelligent driving vehicle solutions. In this field, the company has invested in Heqian technology and other automotive companies to improve the effect of industrial resource integration through the R & D of perception technology and embedded platform innovation. At the same time, xinguodu is the drafting unit of Shenzhen low speed unmanned vehicle industry standard and a member of Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Association. It is committed to the R & D and empowerment of unmanned clean vehicle solutions.