About XGD
Sustainable Development

Adhering to the beautiful vision of "Sustainable and Eternal Xinguodu", Xinguodu adheres to the sustainable development of enterprises, actively realizes the coordination and unity of economic and social value, and makes enterprise contributions towards the realization of a better tomorrow.

Sustainable and Eternal Xinguodu

  • Enterprise management and operation

    Xinguodu strictly abides by various regulatory and compliance requirements, consolidates the foundation of enterprise operation and development, prevents various business risks, and promotes the sustainable and high-quality development of the company. We resolutely resist all forms of corruption and other illegal acts, establish a strong and systematic integrity restraint system, require procurement personnel to sign 100% of the "professional ethics guarantee", and set up public email, telephone and other reporting channels to create a fair, just and transparent business environment.

  • Product innovation

    As a financial technology enterprise, technological progress and innovation are the driving force for the development of Xinguodu. Relying on the company's strong technical capabilities and focusing on digital payment businesses, we have diversified the layout of innovative fields such as digital finance and artificial intelligence, enabling customers with science and technological advances. We strictly protect customer privacy, listen to each customer's needs, and ensure a 7 * 24-hour service hotline along with overseas offices to guarantee reassuring, intimate and satisfactory service for global customers in a timely manner.

  • People oriented

    Xinguodu is people-oriented and regards abilities as the precious wealth of enterprise development. We fully respect the rights and interests of employees, adhere to democratic management, and provide broad space and fertile soil for employee development with a diversified and inclusive corporate culture. XGD has established and improved employee promotion and training mechanisms, provided market competitive salaries, and created a universal and targeted employee welfare system. We have passed the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management certification, advocating the balance between the work and life of employees and promoting the common growth of employees and enterprises.

  • Win-win cooperation

    Xinguodu actively embraces all relevant parties, works with global partners to jointly build and promote new ecology, seize opportunities and meet challenges in the era of economic globalization. We take a cooperative, open and win-win attitude, resist unfair competition and industry monopoly, provide technical support and resource sharing for partners, and help build a responsible supply chain.

  • Green development

    Green operation is rooted in XGD's business philosophy and runs through all stages of the company's development. Under the background of 2060 "carbon neutralization", XGD has a progressive layout and has obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification. We actively develop and innovate low-energy technologies on the product side, carry out cleaner production audit, use energy-saving and consumption reducing equipment in office buildings as much as possible, advocate the concept of green office, comprehensively manage the environmental impact of the company's operation, and help realize a green and harmonious society.